Instant adhesive that is impact resistant and does not spoil the aesthetics

As the name implies, instant adhesive is an adhesive that cures instantly and can be used for a wide range of materials. However, as the cured product is hard and brittle, it is inferior in impact resistance, and the components may volatilize during curing, causing blooming in which the surface of the component becomes white and dirty, leading to the aesthetics of the product being spoiled. To solve these problems, there is a need to commercialize instant adhesives that have high strength, impact resistance, and do not spoil the aesthetics of the product.


  • High strength and high impact resistance.
  • There is almost no odor and no blooming occurs.
  • A low viscosity type and high viscosity type available.
  • A transparent type and black type available.


  • Adhesion of parts that require high strength and impact resistance
  • Adhesion of products that require aesthetics, such as electrical and electronic products
  • When preventing the adhesive from dripping on vertical surfaces, etc. is required
  • When wanting to make the adhesive part or reinforcement part less noticeable

Development points

In order to suppress the blooming factor, we have developed a product with high peel strength and excellent impact resistance by using alkoxy alkyl –α–cyanoacrylate as the main component and adding a special elastomer. In addition, the black type can be used for simple shading by coloring, and the adhesive part and reinforcement part are less noticeable when adhering to the black material.

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Properties and general characteristics

Blooming test: Comparison of appearance confirmation

(Curing conditions: 60°C 95% RH, aging time 30 minutes, on NBR sheet)

We compared the blooming of the developed product and the existing product under high temperature and humidity. The developed product did not show blooming around the adhesive.


Comparison of peel strength / impact adhesive strength

Measurement method:
T-peel strength (3TS-4130-021)
Impact adhesion strength (3TS-4320-001)

Curing conditions:
25°C 50% RH, 48 hours curing

We compared the peel strength / impact adhesive strength of the developed product ThreeBond7727 and the existing product. The developed product ThreeBond7727 is significantly stronger than the existing product B.


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