MEC Coating / Threadlocker

ThreeBond’s complete range of Pre-applied coating material eliminates the need of applying liquid sealants, adhesives or any mechanical locking or sealing device to threaded part during manual or automatic assembly.

Customizable to meet specific customer applications, these product are available with various strengths and temperature resistance ranges. Additionally, distinctive colors enable easy inspection and identification of different grades.

ThreeBond products are widely used in automobile, machinery, appliance electronics, telecommunication, high speed railway, and power transmission system.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Ready for assembly
  • Water based product – Environment-friendly
  • Brightly colored for easy identification
  • Non-tacky finish, dry-to-the-touch
  • Lock/seal in any position, No additional locking device needed
  • Can be applied on internal or external threaded fasteners
  • Products available for a wide range of bolt sizes

Our Sealants Products Lineup


  • Both sealing and locking property
  • Low tightening resistance
  • Excellent heat, chemical resistance

ThreeLock- TB2365B

  • Base material is nylon
  • Imparts elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance           and weathering resistance
  • Used in a wide range of temperature (-50 ~ 120oC)
  • Allows repeated use of coated screws


  • Micro EnCapsulation technique
  • Provide temporary to permanent locking, especially where       heavy vibration occurs frequently