Industrial Materials and Public Works Sector

Approach to medical Field

At ThreeBond, we offer products that support medical device fields. This includes development of adhesives for a wide variety of conditions and requirements in addition to an ISO 10993-compliant (biological evaluation of medical devices) product lineup.

Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins boast powerful adhesive strength and chemical resistance.
ThreeBond offers a lineup with a variety of types, such as high thermal adhesion and low temperature curing.

Products : TB2086M, TB2087, TB2088E, TB2202C, TB2235L

Instant Adhesives

ThreeBond instant adhesive is solvent free and uses cyanoacrylate as its main ingredient. It’s single-component bonds and secures in just a few seconds for incredible workability.
We also offer primers with UV curing or bonding to polypropylene and other materials that are difficult to bond with.

Products : TB1771M, TB1773E, TB3177, TB7737, TB7797

UV Curing Resins

UV curing resins cure in seconds, making them well-suited for disposables and other products manufactured at high volumes. The product lineup boasts adhesive strength excellent for metals, plastics and a wide range of other materials, with products that are also compatible with UV-LED.

Products :TB3017F, TB3094, TB3094B, TB3094C, TB3094F, TB3094G, TB3171C

Elastomeric Adhesives

Solventless moisture-curing elastomeric adhesive. Single-component and solventless for excellent safety and workability.
Product lineup features a variety of products, such DBT free and even completely tin-free items.

Products : TB1530C, TB1533F, TB1535, TB1535C, TB1539B

Pipe Sealants

A lot of piping is run through buildings to keep life comfortable. Piping sealants are liquid sealants used to seal in internal fluids through application to the screws in various piping.
Highly reliable sealing is achieved by filling in and adhering to the minute clearance on the treaded joint surface.
A variety of sealants, from general-purpose to specialized types for water piping and gas piping are available to deal with corresponding piping for water, municipal gas, LPG, etc.

Gas-related Materials

Gas is an indispensable part of people’s lives, both at home and on the job. Even so, handling it incorrectly can be very dangerous.
Because of this, proper handling, maintenance and inspection are vital. ThreeBond has prepared a variety of products for gas-related products, from gas leakage repair spray that can be applied right to the internal screws of building pipes, gas and air leakage testing agents required for inspection and maintenance, as well as rust-converting agents for pre-coating base treatment of piping.

Tape-related Materials

A variety of tapes are used for buildings, such as pipe-seal, adhesive and curing tapes.
ThreeBond handles high-quality products, such as our JIS-compliant, made-in-Japan pipe-seal tape, which are relied on by many customers.Our lineup features a large selection of sizes so you can find just the right option for any location.

Repair Agent

Deterioration is inevitable when it comes to building use. A crack, ssure or leak that occurs can cause sudden and serious problems if left unrepaired.
In response to these issues, ThreeBond has created repair agents and lubricants that simplify maintenance needed when building damage occurs.
We also develop repair agents usable where in places where such products cannot normally be used, such as lubricated, submerged or high-temperature and heated areas.


A wide variety of materials are used in buildings, from high-heat or light to high-quality materials for building facades.
ThreeBond also develops adhesives for application to a great many of these materials. Our development approach is aggressively environmentally friendly, including products such as tin-free adhesives and solvent-free organic cleaning agents.