About us

Creating Our Future From a Single Drop

ThreeBond India Pvt. Ltd. which launched in 1997 is the Indian arm of ThreeBond Group, an MNC of Japanese origin and one of the global leaders in Sealants, Adhesives, and other essential engineering products that meet a wide range of needs that support the Automotive, Electronic, Medical, Infrastructure, Auto Aftermarket and in many other fields.

The history of ThreeBond Group began in 1955 with the development of the liquid gasket “ThreeBond No. 1”, developed to prevent the leakage of precious energy from the world, based on the founder’s inspiration from seeing a drop of oil on a road that had leaked from a car.
Since then, we have been contributing to technological innovation in the industrial world for more than 60 years.

ThreeBond’s management principles of “Founding Principles,” “Company Spirit,” and
“Operational Creed,” together with the desire to “prevent the leakage of precious energy”
created the origins of ThreeBond and this philosophy continues till this day. ThreeBond India also has the same philosophy and mind.

We still value the original ideas and “Management Principles” that we had at the time of our founding, and in any era, all employees work together to do their best to create products that can meet the needs of our customers.

Founding Principles of ThreeBond

Our founding principles consist of three phrases with “work” as the keyword. With work as the starting point, we will develop technologies that will contribute to global society and humankind in the future while cultivating the growth of our employees.

  • To manifest love through our work.
  • To serve humanity and society through our work.
  • To strive for spiritual growth and development through our work.

Company Spirit

The workplace is a place for neither individualism nor totalitarianism. Rather, it is a place where each person may live and grow based on his/her own realization of the spirit of cooperation.

Operational Creed

We resolve to promote the technical advancement of the industrial world through the full utilization of our company’s technology, products and organization. We further resolve to operate according to the following principles in order that we may contribute to the evolution
of human culture to the very best of our ability.

1. To serve with sincere enthusiasm.
2. To show sincerity and good will at all times.
3. To respect the absoluteness of time.

Basic Stance

At ThreeBond, we place the utmost importance on the relationship of trust with our customers, and refer to this as URC activities “to gain the understanding of our customers, earn their reliance, and foster comradeship with them”. These activities form our basic stance for conducting customer-oriented business.

ThreeBond wants to contribute to all people through its advanced technological capabilities to produce excellent products, and through “comradeship”, an emotion common to all humankind which is indispensable for building a better society.