3900 Series

Structural adhesives / High peeling strength, impact-resistant, two component elastic adhesives

It is a durable adhesive which is highly resistant to shearing, peeling, and impact.


Package size & Color

250gm, 1kg

ThreeBond 3921, 3926

ThreeBond 3921 (base resin) and 3926 (hardener) is a two-component, acrylic type structural adhesive. It can cure and give the practical strength within 15 minutes. For normal acrylic base adhesive, the acrylic monomer will give off an odour, which makes the working environment undesirable. So ThreeBond 3921, 3926 is improved to reduce the odour and hence, makes the working environment more pleasant.


  • Bonds to different types metal, plastic and other materials, despite of coverage area.
  • Good initial strength, which enables the process to continue without sacrificing speed and productivity.
  •  Mixing ratio is ideally 1:1. However, it does not require accurate weighing to obtain the desired effect. It can bond without mixing. Hence, it is easier to work with than epoxy resin.
  • The cured material is able to balance the various shear and peel strengths and impact resistance, resulting in better endurance.
  • Low odour and does not contain any solvent, makes the product working- environment friendly.


  • Bonding of speaker magnet or other types of ferrite.
  • Bonding of aluminium, stainless steel plates.
  • Bonding of FRP to ceramic, concrete to steel plate, tiles, etc.