3700 Series

Heat-Resistant, Inorganic Adhesives

This product is a heat-resistant inorganic adhesive that uses metallic alkoxide as a binder.


Package size & Color

200gm, 1kg

ThreeBond 3732

ThreeBond 3732 uses a metallic alkoxide binder to afford the final adhesive with good water resistance, electrical properties and sealing ability. This helps to enlarge the use of such adhesive into other applications, previously deemed impossible. Three Bond 3732 can be used as a thick coating, with high filler loading.


  • Good workability
  • Eliminate the influence of acid or base
  • Water resistance
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Air-tightness


  • Bonding of ceramic, glass or metal
  • Coating or potting of sensor or elements
  • Sealing of heater
  • Fixing of electronic and electrical parts near heat-emitting source
  • Fixing or potting of spark plug
  • High temperature parts
  • Bonding of heat resistant thermoset
  •  Anti-corrosive coating
  • Coating against carbon or sludge
  • For other parts with requirements of heat resistance, organic solvent resistance or weather resistance.