2900 Series

Electronic parts protecting-agents/heat dissipating resins

It maintains the stable functionality of various OA equipment, electronic equipment, and precision instruments.

Package size & Color

150 ml

ThreeBond 2901

ThreeBond 2901 is silicon based moisture-, rust-, and heat resistant coating. When sprayed on electrical circuit components and insulators, it forms a simple heat resistant film. The film goes a long way to protect the durability and performance of components.


  • Increase the durablity and performance of components.
  • Silicon based moisuture,rust and heat resistant coating.


  • Protects against moisture and reduces insulation in power transformers, HF coils, ordinary coils, resin-covered printed circuits, ordinary electrical circuit components, TV, radio, tape recorder parts, and auto parts.
  • Protects against corrosion by Sulphur gas, etc. on printed circuits and parts for electrical appliances in warm climates or industrial zones.
  • Protects against salt-water corrosion in power station, transformers, TV antennas, etc.