1900 Series

It forms a smooth, strong lubrication film that is resistant to heat and pressure, and it prevents wear, baking, and biting in machines.

Package size & Color

420ml, 1kg

ThreeBond 1901 & 1910

ThreeBond 1901 is a molybdenum disulfide based lubricant.Molybdenum disulfide is a solid lubricant that has a much lower friction coefficient than conventional materials, and excellent chemical, temperature, and pressure resistance. It forms an effective lubricating film on the applied parts which virtually eliminates the possibility of seizing.

ThreeBond 1901 contains special synthetic additives enabling the molybdenum disulfide to maximize time, improve quality, and reduce cost. Aerosol-type, ThreeBond 1910, is available with the same features as ThreeBond 1901.


  • Eliminates seizing on fitted or threaded parts and makes assembly and disassembly easy.
  • Eliminates heating, seizing, abrasion, etc., and reduces idling-time.
  • Lengthens oiling intervals and reduces the quantity of oil.
  • Greater productivity because of fewer shut downs for oiling.
  • Saving utility cost and lengthens life of equipment.
  • Eliminates vibration or squeaks of machinery.


  • Prevents overheating and seizure of machinery during adjustment.
  • Rationalizes assembly and disassembly by preventing seizure of force fitted, drive fitted, or quenched parts and making those fitting work smoothly.
  • Prevents abrasive vibration on rotating or sliding parts.
  • Prevents fretting corrosion of fitting parts.
  • For extreme high temperature of lubrication.
  • Permits continuous running off machines.
  • For breaking in mechanical seals or O-rings
  • As releasing agent in forming aluminum and stainless steel.