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      Founding Principles of ThreeBond

       | Company Spirit

Mission Statement    

Operational Creed    

We resolve to promote the technical advancement of the industrial world through the full utilization of our company's technology, products and organization. We further resolve to operate according to the following principles in order that we may contribute to the evolution of human culture to the very best of our ability.



       | Basic Stance




At ThreeBond, we place the utmost importance on the relationship of trust with our customers, and refer to this as URC activities "to gain the understanding of our customers, earn their reliance, and foster comradeship with them". These activities form our basic stance for conducting customer-oriented business.
ThreeBond wants to contribute to all people through its advanced technological capabilities to produce excellent products, and through "comradeship", an emotion common to all humankind which is indispensable for building a better society.


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